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Bike Odyssey Cycling Club Berry NSW

Bike Odyssey Cycling Club Berry NSW
Angie Camilleri

What are Bike Odyssey tours about?

Bike Odyssey specialises in running journeys of a lifetime. We only tour in exceptional corners of the world. We only create exceptional routes. We only follow exceptional historical figures. Unsurprisingly, our tours  are exceptional. We love them and you will too.
The question we most often get asked is why do you only run a few tours?
The answer is simple.  Full focus on few tours = fabulous journeys.
We want all our energy going into making our select routes unbelievable experiences. Here is our selection criteria:
  1. Exceptional Cycling – Riding that will exhilarate and challenge you every day as well as taking you across countries and continents
  2. Exceptional History – We love a story and we believe this adds so much atmosphere and interest to the journey. We also want your journey with us to be your ‘Odyssey’ – an epic, historical, unforgettable journey
  3. Exceptional Food and Wine – During a challenge you need good food to sustain you and why shouldn’t this be as much a pleasure as the ride! There is no better functional and enjoyable window into a culture than through its gastronomy
  4. Exceptional Accommodation – High end, unique and memorable. A huge amount of research and thought goes into our lodgings because every evening and nights sleep on tour should be fantastic
  5. Exceptional Tour Leader – We design our routes with our Tour Leaders to create a journey which they love and know intimately and so they can give you the best experience possible
  6. Exceptional Challenge – We do enjoy a good day’s ride. This isn’t to say we don’t enjoy cruising through the vineyards in Burgundy, but we do believe the pleasures of life are so much better after a good day in the saddle

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