Dawning Farmhouse Retreat

Jaspers Brush Accommodation: Romantic Getaway at Dawning Farmhouse

Jaspers Brush Accommodation: Romantic Getaway at Dawning Farmhouse
Angie Camilleri

Jaspers Brush Accommodation: Romantic Getaway at Dawning Farmhouse

Nestled in the heart of Jaspers Brush, the Dawning Farmhouse retreat offers an enchanting blend of Victorian elegance and modern comfort, perfect for those seeking a romantic getaway in a charming Victorian cottage. This idyllic Jaspers Brush accommodation stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Victorian getaways, seamlessly integrating classic charm with contemporary amenities. Whether you’re yearning for a serene retreat amidst lush landscapes or an intimate base to explore the vibrant offerings of Jaspers Berry, the Dawning Farmhouse beckons with an open heart, inviting you to create memories that will linger like the sweetest perfume.

As you delve further into your exploration of this brush farmhouse, you’ll uncover the opulent facets that make a stay here truly remarkable. From the intricate details of its Victorian architecture to the bespoke comforts that adorn each cosy nook, every aspect of the cottage is designed with your romantic escapades in mind. Discover the highlights of the Dawning Farmhouse retreat, from its breath-taking gardens to the intimate dining experiences it offers, all embodying the essence of Dawning Farm. Beyond the threshold, a plethora of local attractions near Jaspers Brush awaits to enchant you, while wellness and leisure activities promise to rejuvenate your spirit. Embark on a journey to Dawning Farmhouse, a gem among Jaspers Brush and Airbnb listings, and let the magic of this Victorian haven wrap you in a cocoon of romance and tranquillity.

Victorian Elegance and Modern Comfort

Step into The Dawning, a Victorian-era décor filled 3-bedroom cottage that beautifully marries historical charm with modern luxury. Nestled in the serene Jaspers Brush, this exquisite holiday rental is ideal for those romantic getaways or sophisticated gatherings like a girls’ weekend for those looking for Jaspers Brush Accommodation.

Historical Charm of the Cottage

The Dawning Farmhouse Retreat boasts an interior that radiates warmth and invitation, with each of the three bedrooms offering a spacious historical sanctuary. High ceilings and large windows fill the rooms with natural light, accentuating the bygone era beauty and Victorian-inspired décor. These elements, combined with the lush views of the surrounding landscapes, create an atmosphere steeped in history yet vibrant with life.

Luxurious Interior Amenities

Comfort meets elegance in the living areas, furnished with décor that adds a touch of Victorian opulence and nostalgia. The fully equipped kitchen strikes a delightful balance between the charm of the Victorian age and modern functionality, complete with a Smeg coffee machine, making meal preparation a joy in an elegant setting. Adjacent to this, the dining area offers a sophisticated backdrop for your meals. A standout feature is the elegantly appointed bathroom, featuring a luxurious 4-claw bathtub that promises a lavish bathing experience, allowing you to unwind in style amid the historical surroundings. Additional amenities include Wi-Fi, a washing machine, BBQ, firepit, linen, firewood, bath towels, and a clothes dryer for your convenience.

Romantic Getaways

Welcome to The Dawning Farmhouse Retreat, your ideal sanctuary for romantic escapades. Nestled in the serene Jaspers Brush, a stone’s throw from Berry, NSW, this exquisite Victorian-style cottage blends historical charm with modern luxury, making it perfect for couples seeking a secluded getaway or even bridal parties preparing for a Jaspers Brush wedding.

Ideal for Couples

Each element of The Dawning is crafted to enhance your romantic journey. The cottage’s Victorian-inspired interior exudes warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere where love flourishes. The spacious bedrooms, with high ceilings and large windows, bathe you in natural light, accentuating the historical beauty while offering tranquil retreats from the world.

Special Romantic Packages

To make your stay at this amazing Jaspers Brush Accommodation, The Dawning Farmhouse Retreat offers special romantic packages that cater to your desires for intimacy and relaxation. Imagine evenings spent in the cosy living area, adorned with Victorian-era décor, adding a touch of luxury and nostalgia. Or indulge in the historical elegance of the surroundings as you explore the breath-taking rural vistas and well-kept gardens, making every moment at The Dawning Farmhouse an enchanting experience and a dream come true.

Dawning Farmhouse retreat. Jaspers Brush Accommodation

Highlights of Dawning Farmhouse Retreat, Jaspers Brush Accommodation

Opulent 4-Claw Bathtub

Immerse yourself in the luxury of the Dawning Farmhouse Retreat’s opulent 4-claw bathtub, a feature that exudes Victorian grandeur. After a day exploring the serene Jaspers Brush, nothing compares to the indulgence of a lavish soak in this grand bathtub, designed to provide a relaxing experience amidst historical elegance.

Scenic Rural Views

Surround yourself with the breath-taking rural vistas that encircle the Dawning Farmhouse Retreat. Each window frames a picturesque view of the countryside, offering you a tranquil backdrop for your romantic getaway. The stunning landscapes provide a perfect setting for leisurely walks or simply enjoying a quiet moment in nature’s embrace.

Well-Maintained Gardens

Step outside and wander through the meticulously maintained gardens of the Dawning Farmhouse Retreat. These charming gardens are not only a feast for the eyes but also offer a serene setting for outdoor relaxation. Whether you’re enjoying a morning cup of coffee or an evening stroll, the beautifully landscaped surroundings add an enchanting touch to your stay.

Local Attractions Near Dawning Farmhouse Retreat

Explore the Town of Berry

Just a short drive from The Dawning, Berry NSW captivates with its scenic beauty and vibrant culture. Stroll through its historic streets, engage with local artisans, and indulge in the tranquillity of secluded hiking trails. Apex Park offers a perfect spot for a romantic picnic, complete with lush greenery and a historic rotunda, ideal for soaking in the town’s charm.

Nearby Wedding Venues

Your stay at The Dawning places you in proximity to enchanting wedding venues in both Berry and Jaspers Brush. These locations are not just venues but experiences, where each event is sprinkled with a unique blend of creativity and wonder, making every moment magical and unforgettable.

Boutique Shops and Cafes

Delight in the local flavours and crafts at Berry’s quaint shops and cafes. A visit to the famous Berry Donut Van for freshly made cinnamon donuts can become a sweet highlight of your day. Whether you’re looking for unique gifts or a cosy spot to relax, Berry’s boutique shops and cafes offer a charming retreat from the everyday.

Wellness and Leisure Activities

Meditation and Aromatherapy

At Dawning Farmhouse Retreat, immerse yourself in the rejuvenating world of meditation and aromatherapy. Angie Camilleri, a skilled practitioner, guides you through aromatherapy sessions in a tranquil space designed to induce relaxation. Using high-quality essential oils, each session is tailored to your needs, whether it’s stress relief or enhancing mental clarity. Complement these sessions with meditation and chakra balancing to deepen your spiritual journey and achieve emotional balance.

Outdoor Activities

Embrace the beauty of Jaspers Brush by engaging in outdoor activities that refresh both mind and body. The Dawning Farmhouse Retreat is surrounded by stunning rural vistas and well-kept gardens, perfect for birdwatching or a leisurely stroll. Spend time in nature to reconnect and rejuvenate, enjoying the scenic backdrop that enhances your wellness experience.

Relaxation Services

Enhance your stay with a variety of relaxation services offered at the retreat. From essential oil facials and massages to high-pressure spa therapy treatments, our holistic approach caters to all ages. The serene environment of the Dawning Farmhouse, combined with expert treatments, ensures a deeply relaxing and restorative experience, promoting well-being and recovery.

Important Information

Please be aware of the following during your stay at The Dawning:

  • The Dawning has a minimum stay requirement, so please inquire about the specific details when booking.
  • Due to the high demand, The Dawning does not accept back-to-back bookings to allow for thorough cleaning and preparation between guests.
  • The cottage features a combustion fireplace. Please adhere to any Fire Bans and Fire Danger Ratings issued by the NSW Rural Fire Service during your stay.


Embarking on a journey to Dawning Farmhouse Retreat offers more than just a stay; it’s an invitation to bask in the lavish embrace of Victorian elegance, paired seamlessly with the comforts of the modern world, all set against the tranquil backdrop of Jaspers Brush. The essence of this retreat lies not only in its opulent amenities and the serene beauty that surrounds it but also in the intimate experiences it fosters, making every moment spent here a cherished memory in the making. Through the blend of historical charm, romantic packages, and wellness activities, guests are guaranteed a getaway that transcends the ordinary, encouraging a deeper connection with their surroundings and each other.

As we reflect on the unique offerings that define the Dawning Farmhouse Retreat—from the luxurious 4-claw bathtub that invites leisurely soaks to the scenic rural vistas and well-kept gardens that promise tranquillity—the significance of choosing a setting that elevates your experience becomes clear. This retreat serves as a beacon for those in pursuit of romance, relaxation, and rejuvenation amidst nature’s splendour. Whether it’s exploring the nearby town of Berry, indulging in bespoke romantic packages, or simply finding solitude within its Victorian walls, Dawning Farmhouse stands as a testament to the enduring allure of a carefully curated getaway, encouraging all who visit to return to the world refreshed and inspired.

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